What is a Survey Collector

One of the major decisions a survey owner faces is the choice of invitation tools. You must first thoroughly understand your survey audience. Will they be more likely to respond via an email, embedded website, or a link through a social media site like Facebook or Twitter? Such a decision obviously impacts, positively or negatively, your final response rates.

Let's review the survey collectors available:

  • Web Link: Create a unique link (custom URL) connected to your survey. This link can be shared via email or posted on your website. Web link URLs can be effectively used to access social media platforms. Find and click on the relevant social media icon(s) to easily post your survey to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Please refer to the article How to add a survey URL.
  • Email: Let SurveyOL send your email invitations and link them for the responses. Simply create a message, add the audience's email addresses, and then release your personalized email survey invitations in bulk. Please refer to the article How to email survey to participants.
  • Website Embedded: Visitors can complete a survey on your website via a script generated automatically by this collector. Please refer to the article How to embed survey to a website.

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