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Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
2,000 responses per month
2,000 email invitations per month
Customize colors & styles
Branching & skip logic
Web URL & QR code
Share on social networks
Website embedding
Real-time responses
Export responses (XLS/CSV/PDF)
Export reports (PPT/PDF/WORD)
Single user access
Advanced features
Great for individuals & small teams
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A 25% saving for the year
Everything in Basic, plus
Unlimited responses
8,000 email invitations per month
File upload
Custom logo & URL
Custom Thank You page
Multiple languages
Answer & question piping
Remove SurveyOL branding
Survey completion redirect
Custom email templates
Send reminders
SMS invitations
Unlimited contacts
Cross tabulation
White label surveys
Multiple user access
Full features
Great for user management
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A 25% saving for the year
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Additional users
User management
Easy user role setup
Reassign accounts
Team collaboration
Consolidated billing
Salesforce integration *
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Basic features
Advanced features
Full features
Beyond The Limit
Number of surveys
Number of questions
Number of collectors
Number of responses
100+ pre-built survey templates
Pantone® based color themes
Multiple languages
Includes Spanish, French & German
Google analytics integration
Salesforce integration *
Question Types
Multiple choice
Image choice
Comment box
Star rating
Net Promoter® Score
Date / Time
File upload
Textbox List
Grid - multiple choice
Grid - dropdown
Text block
Image block
Text A/B test
Image A/B test
Survey Builder
Choice library
Predefined color themes
Customize font, colors & styles
Image gallery
Image uploads
100+ pre-built survey templates
Custom survey templates
Create survey with copy/paste
Survey time estimate
Copy question or page
Move question or page
Restore question or page
Re-arrange questions
Text editor advanced tools
Import questions with copy/paste
Copy survey
Transfer survey
Share with collaborators
Response quota
Create survey from email
Export survey
Import survey
Print survey PDF
Customization & Branding
Survey/page title alignment
"One question at a time" format
"One question per screen" format
Survey title On/Off
Page titles On/Off
Page numbers On/Off
Question numbers On/Off
Required asterisks On/Off
"Previous" buttons On/Off
Progress bar On/Off
Question or page progress bar
"Exit" link On/Off
Add your logo
Remove surveyol.com brand footer
Custom footer
Preview survey on different devices
Branching/skip logic
Question and answer piping
Page randomization
Question randomization
Choice randomization
Custom Thank You page
Custom Disqualification page
Custom Survey Closed page
Custom Already Taken page
Custom Quota Reached page
Survey completion redirect
Custom buttons
Custom messages
Custom Variables
Privacy statement generator
Web link collectors
Share on Facebook
Share on Twitter
Share on LinkedIn
Email invitations
Additional email invitations
Customize email invitations
Scheduled email invitations
Tracking email invitations
Automatic & manual reminders
Automatic & manual thank you emails
Allowed contacts
Opt out email campaigns
Mobile SMS invitations
Additional mobile SMS invitations
Website embedding collectors
QR code
Close survey
Multiple responses
Anonymous responses
Kiosk mode
White label surveys
Response Management
Real-time responses
Require answer completion
Answer validation
Randomize answer choices
View respondent's IP address
Record respondent email address
Delete unwanted responses
Daily response summary notifications
Notifications for every response
Test response generator
Analytics & Reporting
Summary charts & response analysis
Export reports (PPT/PDF/WORD)
Export responses (XLS/CSV/PDF)
Print reports
"Completion rate" calculation
"Typical time spent" calculation
Filter results by time period
Filter results by question & answers
Filter results by response status
Filter results by collector
Filter results by A/B test
Crosstabs Report
Team Management
Team ownership
Additional users
Analyst users
Account roles
Team collaboration
Consolidated billing
Technical Support
Help center
Standard email support
Priority email support
Dedicated customer success manager
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* Salesforce integration add-on available with Enterprise plan must be purchased separately

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Customer since 7/2020
Leah Abells, Independent Consultant
“Using SurveyOL.com was very simple and self-explanatory. The clients that took the survey found it fast and easy to read. Super concise and would definitely use it again.”
Capterra 5.0/5.0
Customer since 8/2020
Debbie Brady, HR Manager
“Very simple to use, customizable and easy to send out to teams.”
Capterra 5.0/5.0
Customer since 8/2020
Lisa Pepera, Director
“Survey fit my needs, and it was easy to use.”
TrustPilot 5.0/5.0
Customer since 11/2020
Marcy Ross, Sales Director
“Easy to use site; monthly subscription allowed; great customer service --- timely and informative.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my data be safe and private?
All your data on Surveyol is totally safe and private. Our servers are hosted with the Microsoft Azure cloud center in San Jose, CA, providing world-class security and reliability. All web pages are using HTTPS secure protocol with SHA-256 encryption. Account passwords are encrypted using one-way hash and cannot be decrypted. All payments on Surveyol are powered by Stripe.com, certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent certification level in the payments industry. Rest assured that your credit card information never reaches our servers and are never stored there.
How does my subscription work?
Your subscription will be auto-renewed and your credit card charged at the expiration of your current subscription. Under "My Account", you can change your billing date or upgrade to a different plan. You can also choose to stop the Auto Renewal which will cancel your subscription when your current cycle ends. There is no cancellation fee.
What are your office hours?
We are located on the east coast. Our office hours are from 9am to 5pm ET. During non-office hours, your requests might be slightly delayed but we'll handle them as quickly as possible.
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