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Best Survey Software for Small Businesses and Teams with ChatGPT Integration

Very simple to use, customizable and easy to send out to teams.
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Debbie Brady, HR Manager

1. Create a Professional Survey Fast and Easy!

Experience unparalleled research efficiency with SurveyOL - the leading online platform that leverages AI technologies such as sentiment analysis and ChatGPT to help you create effective surveys quickly and extract valuable insights. Whether you're conducting market research, academic studies, or customer feedback surveys, SurveyOL offers an exceptional user experience that delivers results. You'll have at your fingertips 200+ free professional survey templates, such as Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and Event Feedback, and 20+ question types to suit your various needs.
SurveyOL provides incomparable freedom to customize your color styles, font types and styles, introductory pages, footers, branching/skip logic, randomization, notifications, and more, making it easier and faster than other online research websites. Create and send high-quality professional questionnaires every time with SurveyOL.

2. Send Across Multiple Distribution Channels

Engage your audience at all touch points. SurveyOL empowers you to distribute surveys, forms, questionnaires, quizzes, and polls across multiple channels, including customized web links that can be shared on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can send your surveys via email and SMS, with the ability to schedule invitations and send reminders and thank-you emails. Finally, SurveyOL offers a range of embedding formats for seamless website integration, enabling you to maximize your response rates and achieve your research objectives.
The SurveyOL platform enables you to substantially contact more users and, ultimately, capture more responses so you can make better decisions.

3. Unmatched Flexibility with Real-Time Results

Achieve invaluable insights by leveraging instantaneous response capabilities and comprehensive diagnostic tools, such as summary reports, cross tabulation reports, Pearson's chi-square calculation, and AI-driven sentiment analysis. SurveyOL offers unlimited filters, enabling you to refine your analysis and gain deeper insights from your data. In addition, you can export your data in various formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, WORD, or PPT to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows. The results can potentially increase customer loyalty, retain key employees, while strengthening partnership relations.
SurveyOL is ideal for small businesses and organizations who demand high quality questionnaires to capture ideas and overcome even the toughest barriers to success.

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