Generate Critical Research Intelligence
Quickly grasp the true implications of the survey responses. Share the results with your team. Take action.
Let the data steer you in the right direction. Rely on your dashboard.

Immediate feedback

As soon as your respondent completes the survey, you can access the results. Track all responses until you feel you have gained the insights needed to move forward with a plan.

Cross tabs

Compare and contrast responses. Uncover relationships and trends to better understand your audience. Such data should enable you to make valuable observations.

Filter survey results

Focus on specific parts of your survey results. Filter by time period, questions and answers, response status, by Collector, by A/B test. Save each viewpoint for later review.

Survey notifications

Export survey responses

On the go? Review responses to your survey away from SurveyOL by exporting them to Excel, CSV or PDF .

Export survey reports

Want to study summary reports and charts off-line? It's easy! Export them to PDF, PPT or Word .

Sentiment analysis

Want to study the emotional feelings expressed by the text responses received in a survey? It's simple! Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) enables you to define and sort these viewpoints about new and existing products, services or concepts.
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