Access more respondents with instant SMS surveys
It's a fast and easy way to capture much needed input.
SMS surveys reach your mobile audience via text.
Quick surveys. Immediate responses. Real-time survey application.

No need for Email addresses

SMS surveys require your audience's phone numbers. Now capture much needed assessments, even when they are away from the office. It's a quick and easy way to connect. Achieve higher response rates with SMS surveys.

Timing is everything

Be sure to time your SMS surveys when the experience is new and fresh. You'll receive more truthful responses. These surveys perform exceptionally well after events like:

  • After employee training and new hire orientations
  • After an event to measure satisfaction level and top of mind reactions
  • Post doctor visit or hospital stay
  • After dining or lodging experience
  • After a customer support interaction
No Hassles • No Commitments • No Credit Card Required • Free & Great Plans