Create Surveys Ensuring Security & Privacy
Inform your respondents about your security policy
Keep your response data confidential and safe from unauthorized access
Secure surveys. Data protection. Helps increase response rates.

You're fully in charge

Determine whether or not you want to declare a privacy statement, predefined or custom. If you do, it's then available for viewing on your Intro page or the footer of your survey. Legally protect yourself while increasing response rates by being upfront on security precautions.

IP Address, Device, Browser Info

When you choose Privacy Statement, you promise your respondents that all personal data, if collected, will be kept confidential and safely stored. Once the research is completed, you will delete it. Address and eliminate any privacy concerns.

Write Your Own. Total Customization

Don't like the security templates provided? No problem. Use our Privacy Statement Generator to help guide you to your unique policy or go full custom and write your own. You're in complete charge of how you position your company in this all-important statement.

White label your surveys

Go ahead and remove the "SurveyOL"" logo to make the survey look like your own. Brand your surveys with your logo and custom color theme. Ensure better open rates by leveraging your instantly recognizable company name.
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