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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Our Free Survey Tool
1. Unlimited surveys
SurveyOL's free customers enjoy the priviledges of unlimited surveys; many other platforms only allow 3 or less surveys.
2. Allows more questions per survey
SurveyOL's free customers can create surveys with up to 10 questions per survey; many other platforms only allow 5 questions per survey.
3. Allows more responses per month
SurveyOL's free customers can receive up to 100 responses per survey per month, while many other platforms only allow 50 responses per month.
4. NPS surveys and Star Rating surveys made available
SurveyOL's free customers have the freedom of using 6 essential question types, including Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Text Box, Comment Box, Star Rating, and Net Promoter® Score (NPS); many other platforms don't allow the popular Star Rating and Net Promoter® Score (NPS) question types.
5. Multiple survey display formats
SurveyOL's free customers can choose from 3 different display formats to create beautiful and flexible surveys; on other platforms their customers face an absence of display format selections.
6. Multiple Distribution Channels
SurveyOL's free customers can share their surveys via web link, QR code, social media or website embedding; many other platforms limit such valuable distribution channels.
7. Unlimited Data Filtering
SurveyOL's free customers gain exceptional insights with our real-time responses and unlimited data filtering; on other platforms customers experience issues like data delays or just one data filter allowed.
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