Better Understand Your Customers
Capture key customer responses. Evaluate overall customer satisfaction.
Realize customer perceptions. Enhance customer satisfaction by leveraging insights.
Show image conveying business people conversing with one another
Increase customer retention by creating effective, professional surveys.

Critical product research

Uncover product strengths and weaknesses. Make your customers part of the process. Quickly address deficiencies to retain existing customers and attract new ones.
Show survey with one key product question on mobile phone

Website Feedback

Websites require constant testing, maintenance and enhancements. Let your users point you in the right direction. Embed survey into your website or send one and immediately address ongoing issues. Collect and analyze all responses to improve the total experience. Repeat periodically (quarterly, semiannually) to ensure website improvements are meeting user needs.
Show SurveyOL website on a desktop with embedded survey

Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Do your customers understand your brand? Are they loyal or prone to competitive discount strategies, new market challengers, underlying dissatisfaction? Stay on top of all potential issues.
Select a graphic illustrating loyalty or show such a question on a survey

Better Understand Total Customer Experience

Assess satisfaction levels pre-sale, during back-and-forth communication, and post-sale. Uncover and fix any stress points during any of these interactions. Use the Likert Scale to have your customer rate you on a scale of 1–10.
Show Likert Scale on a mobile phone

Identify Customer Persona

Determine who best represents your ideal customer by age, gender, location, education level, earnings, etc. Use this voice of the customer to enhance your website, improve your products, advertising copy, and prospecting efforts.
Show a variety of male and female faces,across a wide spectrum of ethnic groups,some smiling, some with no reactions,others wincing
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