Presenting New Survey Software for the Healthcare Industry
Simplify the creation, collection, assessment, and presentation of the survey results to enhance each patient's experiences with your hospital or practice.
Create surveys to capture all-important patient feedback
Gain invaluable insights into the quality of your services via surveys developed for your specific organizational needs. Generate online or offline and regularly compile the results to better identify and improve the overall patient experience.
Successful Approaches for Generating Patient Feedback

Email Surveys

The patient has just left your office. Send a "We Value Your Feedback" confidential email survey that should be in the patient's inbox minutes after their departure. Collect the data on a regular basis to stay on top of any critical issues that may have escaped notice.

SMS Surveys

Once your patients have completed your medical service, release a short survey to their mobile phone. Measuring a patient's immediate satisfaction level is vital to the overall success of your healthcare practice or hospital.

Offline Feedback

Don't dismiss those patients who have no connectivity. Print and send the surveys to their homes with a postage-paid return envelope.
Address the ever-changing needs of your patients

Demographics Information

Capture key demographic patient information to ensure your surveys are appropriate to all segments of your broad audience base.

Survey Feedback

Survey feedback can also point you in the right direction on how to handle future appointments. Learn your patients' preferences to ensure their satisfaction in dealing with you and future office return.

Aftercare Surveys

Aftercare surveys enable you to better serve your patients by gathering their unfiltered perceptions and observations. The experience is still fresh and the perfect time to capture their thoughts.
More About Healthcare Surveys

Pre-Appointment Surveys

Be sure to collect all critical patient data, especially their medical history, via a pre-appointment survey. These surveys make patient data more convenient and accessible.

Setting of Goals & Objectives

Determine what is more than acceptable and less than unacceptable for your organization. Apply these guidelines to your survey results to immediately recognize real issues—doctors, nurses, receptionists, office cleanliness, etc.—and take action to quickly remedy them.

Monitoring Medical Research

Successful medical research is dependent on securing accurate and truthful survey responses. By automating these surveys on a periodic basis, especially when investigating new drugs or treatments, you will be able to collect perceptive data.
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