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Beautiful Surveys

Capture more responses with eye-catching and engaging surveys. Get started immediately with our templates. It's easy. No experience necessary!

Check out our extensive and ever-growing template collection, thoroughly researched and created by professionals in their respective areas of expertise. Does the template meet some or all of your requirements? Use as much as you need to get your survey started. Or start from scratch.

Then start navigating through an intuitive survey builder. Select your background theme, fonts, and buttons, plus an optional introductory page to ensure the survey grabs your respondent's attention. Unleash your creativity!

Choose the right question type at the right time. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Likert Scale, ranking, slider...pick from a broad selection of question types to ensure you capture the information you want. Build a survey that truly reflects your research needs.

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Mobile Friendly Surveys

Get feedback from the fastest-growing market. Design your survey to maximize the space restrictions.

Use fonts, colors, and survey questions to successfully approach these on-the-go respondents. By keeping these surveys short and informal, you'll significantly increase response rates.

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Secure Surveys

Inform your respondents about your security policy. Keep your response data confidential and safe from unauthorized access.

You're fully in charge. Determine whether or not you want to declare a privacy statement, predefined or custom. If you do, it's then available for viewing on your Intro page or the footer of your survey. Legally protect yourself while increasing response rates by being upfront on security precautions.

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SMS Surveys

It's a fast and easy way to capture much needed input. SMS surveys reach your mobile audience via text.

No need for email addresses. SMS surveys require your audience's phone numbers. Now obtain much needed research responses, even when they are away from the office. It's a quick way to connect and gaining popularity. Achieve higher response rates with SMS surveys.

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Research Intelligence

Well executed market research provides invaluable insights. Quickly grasp the true implications of the survey responses. Share the results with your team. Take action.

Benefit from immediate real-time feedback. As soon as your respondent completes the survey, you can access the results. Track all responses until you feel you have gained the intelligence needed to move forward with a plan.

Compare and contrast responses via cross tabs. Uncover relationships and trends to better understand your audience. Such data should enable you to make valuable observations.

Focus on specific parts of your survey results. Filter by time period, questions and answers, response status, by Collector, by A/B test. Save each viewpoint for later review.

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