Beyond the Limit

Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions
Unlimited collectors
Unlimited responses
100+ pre-built survey templates
Pantone® based color themes
User management
Account permissions
Team collaboration
Shared billing
Google analytics
Salesforce integration *
Spanish supported

Survey Builder

18 question types
Add logo
Custom survey templates
Question or page progress bar
Branching and skip logic
Question and answer piping
Preview survey on different devices
Custom buttons & messages
Custom footer
Advanced text editor
Remove surveyol.com brand footer
"One question at a time" display
"Exit" link
A/B test
Image library w/ upload tools
Image gallery
Choice library
URL variables
Create survey with copy/paste
Create survey from email
Page, question, or choice randomization
Re-arrange questions
Move question or page
Copy question or page
Restore question or page
Copy survey
Custom color themes
Survey time estimate
Survey/page title alignment
Turn on/off page titles
Turn on/off survey title
Turn on/off page numbers
Turn on/off question numbers
Turn on/off required asterisks
Turn on/off "Previous" buttons
Custom Thank You page
Custom Disqualification page
End page redirection
Response quota
Transfer survey

Survey Distribution

Web link & QR code
Share survey on social networks
Kiosk mode
Survey anonymity
Survey.fyi white label surveys
Multiple responses option
Email collection & tracking
Custom email invitations
Website embedding
Scheduled email invitations
Contact management
Automatic reminders
Manual reminders
Automatic Thank You emails
Manual Thank You emails
Generate test responses

Results & Analysis

Real-time responses
Delete responses
Export responses
Summary charts
Response analysis
Export reports
View respondent's IP address
Record respondent email address
Cross-tab reports
Filtered responses
Filtered reports
Print reports
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