Ensure the success of your events
Use surveys before, during, and after events. Gather constructive feedback.
Stay in tune with sponsors. Monitor overall satisfaction.
Make every event more noteworthy


Using surveys in the event planning stages helps you collect actionable insights from your registered attendees before the actual event. You need to better understand your audience’s expectations. Mitigate any guesswork by gauging their level of interest. One related benefit: Conducting pre-event surveys displays to your audience you’re interested in what they think. As a result, they feel more valued and more engaged in your event.


Surveys are just as relevant during the event. Monitor attendee satisfaction during morning and afternoon stretches, coffee breaks, before food is served, or at the end of each individual session. Your key speakers secure instant feedback on their presentations and the staff picks up on any potential technical issues (e.g., sound quality, refreshments, room temperature, etc.) which can, hopefully, be immediately addressed.


Experiences vary so it is critical after any event to collect feedback from as many of the participants as possible. Public events like fundraisers, store openings, and trade shows help your organization reach people outside your immediate sphere. Capturing feedback on other events like training classes and conferences is just as important. Maximize participation in future events by finding out what keeps people coming back again and again.
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