How to View Survey Results

The deadline for closing the survey has been reached, the results have been captured, and it's time to begin the all-important data analysis phase of your project. You (and, if possible, your team) should now be ready to scrutinize all of the replies and uncover key issues and trends critical to your enterprise.

How to approach your survey results:

  1. Review the essential research questions and replies
  2. Categorize your results
  3. Closely examine and analyze the data
  4. Reach a set of conclusions

Summary Report

SurveyOL's summary report feature allows you to further analyze your response data in a concise and organized manner, offering valuable insights. Please refer to the article How to Read a Summary Report.

Real-time Responses

SurveyOL allows you to uniquely auto retrieve real-time responses as they become available—without any human intervention. Please refer to the article How to View Real-time Responses.

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