How to manage email contacts?

Email contacts can be added under the Tools or Send section. Bulk insertion is available from spreadsheet uploads.

Manage contacts

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on the Tools or Send link for your design.
  2. Click on the + Manage Contacts or Contacts link.
  3. Download the spreadsheet template, if it is your first time to add contacts. The first row of your spreadsheet must be the title row. Email addresses are required for each row. You can also have first name, last name and up to 5 additional custom fields whose values can be embedded later in your invitation and follow-up emails.
  4. Once you filled your spreadsheet with your contact data, click on the Browse button or drag-n-drop your file to the rectangle drop area.
  5. After uploading your contacts, if you need additional changes, you can modify your spreadsheet and upload again to add or update your existing contacts. You can also add, update, or delete contacts on the page.

Insert email addresses from contacts (for email collectors)

  1. Click on the + New Invitations link.
  2. Click on the Contacts link.
  3. To add invitation recipients, check the checkboxes alongside your contacts. For bulk selection, you can check the checkbox alongside the first contact of your selection, then press the "Shift" key on your keyboard and hold it while checking the checkbox alongside the last contact of your selection. You can sort your contacts on the page as needed. The bulk selection may not be available for mobile users.
  4. Click on the Insert button to insert your contact email addresses into the Recipients field of your email collector.

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