How to create a survey?

Creating a new survey is easy and straightforward.

To create a new survey:

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on the "+ New Survey" link.
  2. Give your survey a name, then click on the "Next: Add Questions" button.
  3. Choose a question type, such as "Multiple Choice". You can also drag your question type from the side menu and drop it to the position where you wish to insert.

    • Enter your question title. This field is required.
    • Select "Single-select" (radio buttons) or "Multi-select" (checkboxes).
    • Enter your choices or pick from the choice library.
    • Add more choices as needed.
    • Check or uncheck the "Add 'Other' as an answer option" checkbox. When checked, a textbox will appear below all choices. This allows survey participants to enter their own answer when they choose the "Other" answer option.
    • Check or uncheck the "Require an answer to this question" checkbox. When checked, an answer is required for the question.

  4. Click on the "Save" button, or the "Save + Add" button to add a new question.
  5. After finishing the creation of your survey, click on the "Send" link in the header menu to send the survey to survey participants.

For "Single-select" (radio buttons), at least 2 choices are required. For "Multi-select" (checkboxes), at least 1 choice is required.

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