How to create a survey?

Creating a new survey is easy and straightforward.

To create a new survey:

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on the + New Survey link.
  2. Give your survey a name, pick a background, select whether or not you'd like to add an Intro page, then click on the Next: Add Questions button.
  3. If you didn't add an Intro page, click on the + New Question and pick a question type, such as Multiple Choice. You can also drag your question type from the side menu and drop it to the position where you wish to insert it. 

    a. Enter your question title. This field is required.

    b. Choose Single-select (radio buttons) or Multi-select (checkboxes).

    c. Enter your choices or pick from the choice library.

    d. Add more choices as needed.

    e. Check or uncheck the Add Other as an answer option checkbox. When checked, a textbox will appear below all choices. This allows survey participants to enter their own answer when they choose the Other answer option.

    f. Check or uncheck the Require an answer to this question checkbox. When checked, an answer is required for the question. 

  4. If you chose to add an Intro page, choose any or all of the 3 most popular Intro types.

    a. Survey Introduction: Welcome respondents to your survey and build rapport.

    b. Privacy/Data Use Statement: Ensure your respondents of data protection and data security.

    You can choose from a predefined privacy statement or create your own statement using our privacy statement suggestions from the Privacy Statement Generator.

    c. Incentive Information: Offer your respondents a gift card or entering them into a sweepstake.

  5. Click on the Save button, or the Save + Add button to add a new question.
  6. After finishing the creation of your survey, click on the Send link in the header menu to send the survey to your participants.

For Single-select (radio buttons), at least 2 choices are required. For Multi-select (checkboxes), at least 1 choice is required.

By clicking on the Flag as Intro or Unflag as Intro from the page menu, you can convert a non-intro Page 1 to an Intro Page, and vice versa. 

If you need to copy, move or delete a page, please refer to the article How to copy page, move page and delete page.

If you'd like to insert a privacy statement to the footer of your survey, please refer to the article How to customize a footer in a survey.

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