What is a Likert Scale

The Likert Scale (named after the early 20th century American social psychologist Rensis Likert) is a popular survey tool that successfully gauges attitudes, thoughts, and perceptions. Instead of asking for a "yes" or "no" response, these closed-ended questions usually consist of "Do you agree or disagree" and provide the respondents with a range of options, starting at "Not at all likely" to "Extremely Likely".

The Likert Scale (sometimes referred to as a "Satisfaction Scale") is usually formatted as a 5 or 7-point scale, ranging from one extreme opinion or feeling to the other. There is also typically an impartial or middle-of-the-road option in its scale. This approach provides you with metrics to measure degrees of opinions and ultimately a better understanding of your audience. It can also help you identify service or product opportunities.

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