Question Type: Cascading Menu

A cascading menu question type, also known as a cascading dropdown or dependent dropdown, consists of a series of dropdown menus where the options in one menu dynamically change based on the selection made in a preceding menu.

  1. Click on the + New Question link.
  2. Choose Cascading Menu. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your question type from the side menu to the desired position.
    1. Enter your question title.
    2. Enter your choices. By clicking the
      icon, you can seamlessly demote a choice, turning it into a sub-choice beneath the selected parent. Conversely, clicking the
      icon allows you to promote a sub-choice, elevating it to the level of a parent choice. 
    3. Check or uncheck the Require an answer to this question checkbox. When checked, an answer is required for the question.
  3. Click on the Save button, or the Save + Add button to add a new question.

Cascading Menu Question Type

This intuitive system empowers you to tailor your menu structure precisely to your needs, providing a dynamic and user-friendly way to manage and arrange your selections.

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