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Updated on March 8th, 2017.

Terms of Use

Surveyol.com is a free "service" and owned and operated by Surveyol.com LLC. Please read the terms of use. By using the site you, the "user", acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms. You agree to provide all applicable terms to the survey participants and responders, the "end users".

Site Usage

This service is available solely on an "as is" basis. This service is currently in development. Its functionality and usability may change at any time without notice. This may result in errors in functionality, service outages, survey operations and survey results. It also may cause prior surveys and/or results to be incompatible with surveys that you subsequently created. Accordingly, it is recommended that you analyze all results for accuracy and that you retain copies of your information to your own secure location.

Surveyol.com makes no representations, warranties and guarantees of any kind, express or implied, regarding usability, results, accuracy, data storage, availability or security of the service and its results. By using the service, you agree to assume all risks of loss or damages arising from the use of the service or its results. Surveyol.com EXPRESSYLY DISCLAIMS LIABILITY TO YOU OR ANY END USER OR ANY OTHER PARTY FOR DAMAGES OR LOSSES OF ANY KIND AS A RESULT OF THE USE OF THIS SERVICE FOR ANY REASON.

You represent that you will conduct yourself in a legal, ethical and professional manner at all times when using the service. You agree to truthfully represent yourselves to end users and fully disclose the objectives of yours surveys and the use of data that you collected and the results.

You represent that you have the legal right to conduct a survey including but not limited to survey methods, content usage, privacy, emails etc. You agree to comply with all applicable laws at all times. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to use the service. Surveyol.com reserves the right to block any user whose conduct Surveyol.com determines may not comply with applicable laws or these Terms of Use in Surveyol.com's sole and absolute discretion.

You shall not make any statements that imply that Surveyol.com provides any warranties of any kind to end users and must properly demonstrate their own terms and conditions between the user and end user.

You may not resell or rebrand this service.

You acknowledge that the service is not intended for use with sensitive or private information.

You acknowledge that the survey results may not be accurate or reliable.

The service requires that cookies be turned to ON to use the service.

Privacy and Security

The service collects information that personally identifies the user, which allows Surveyol.com to contact you when you register to use the service. This information may include your name, e-mail address, user identification password and other information. It also stores surveys and survey responses that you create. This information is needed to use the service and will also be used to help to understand the service functionality, usage, and marketability and continue development of the site.

The service may use information that identifies you from time to time to send you promotional offerings or updates but Surveyol.com will not share this information with any third party without your prior consent.

The service will not share your specific surveys, responses or results with any third party. However Surveyol.com may aggregate certain responses that do not identify the user or end user and Surveyol.com reserves the right to display this data for marketing or general information purposes.

The service may disclose any information allowed or required by applicable law to be disclosed or when deemed advisable the service. This may result in disclosures that are necessary or advisable to conform to legal and regulatory requirements or processes and to protect the rights, safety and property of the service or others.

The service will take reasonable steps to protect all user information and use technology such as SSL encryption, access control procedures, firewalls and physical security.

You shall not share any login ids and passwords with others. You shall be responsible for the actions of any person who uses the service with your id and password.

Questions, Comments, Concerns

Any questions, comments or concerns about the service, terms of use, privacy or general functionality or results should be emailed to .

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