How to create a Yes/No question

Yes/No questions are very popular in surveys. You can easily create a Yes/No question using the "Multiple Choice" question type.

1. Click on the + New Question link.

2. Choose the Multiple Choice question type. You can also drag the Multiple Choice question type from the side menu and drop it to the position where you wish to insert.

a. Enter your question title. This field is required.

b. Choose Single-select (radio buttons).

c. Click on the "Predefined Choice".

d. Choose the Yes, No option and click on the Insert button.

e. Check or uncheck the Add Other as an answer option checkbox. When checked, a textbox will appear below all choices. This allows survey participants to enter their own answer when they choose the "Other" answer option.

f. Check or uncheck the Require an answer to this question checkbox. When checked, an answer is required for the question.

3. Click on the Save button, or the Save + Add button to add a new question.

Usually Yes/No questions don't give you much insight into the thoughts of the respondents. When using Yes/No questions, experienced survey creators often add another Textbox question so the respondent can explain his or her opinion better.

You can also use the "Image Choice" question type to create a "Yes/No" question with icons. Hundreds of beautifully-crafted icons in our system gallery can be used to create an impressive "Yes/No" question. Adding image labels can enhance the quality of your question.

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