How to pass data from client API to a survey?

This is an advanced feature that requires you to have your own API, and you wish to integrate the data from your API into your survey. Your API should return data in plain text format.

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on "Edit" for your design.
  2. Click on "Custom Variables" from header menu, or from "More Configuration".
  3. Enter a name, select "Client API Variable" type, and enter your API URL address. Enter a default value if preferred. The default value is used in case your API URL took too long time, such as more than 10 seconds, to return a value.

  4. Click on "Save Variable".
  5. Navigate to the question or the choice that you wish to pass data in.
  6. Insert the variable surrounding by double curly brackets, such as in the format of {{todaysprice}}, in the question title or the choice. This will be replaced with the value returned from the client API.

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