How to add an Intro Page

An Intro page is ideal for including instructions, a privacy policy statement, or information regarding an incentive for taking the survey.

On Page 1, click on the + New Question link, then choose the Add Intro Page. This will convert the Page 1 to an Intro page. On the Intro page, you can add any or all of the 3 most popular Intro types.

                a. Survey Introduction: Welcome respondents to your survey and build rapport.

                b. Privacy/Data Use Statement: Ensure your respondents of data protection and data security.

                You can choose from a predefined privacy statement or create your own statement using our privacy statement suggestions from the Privacy Statement Generator.

                c. Incentive Information: Offer your respondents a gift card or enter them into a sweepstake.

You can also add other types of questions to the Intro page.

By clicking on the Flag as Intro or Unflag as Intro from the page menu, you can convert a non-intro Page 1 to an Intro Page, and vice versa. 

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